Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

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Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born in 1884 and died aged 78. She was an American politician and activist and was the longest serving First Lady of America, occupying the post for the four terms of her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt. She transformed the office of the First Lady from a largely symbolic office to one that contributed greatly to policy and acted as a force for change. For example, she spoke out about racial issues, she held press conferences and had a newspaper column. She was a fierce activist and Truman later called her the "first lady of the world" such was her impact on human rights. She endured an unhappy childhood, having lost both parents by her mid teens. She married Franklin in 1905 and persuaded him to stay in politics after he was diagnosed with Polio. After his death, she remained in politics where she served Truman and JFK. All of this meant that by the time of her death she was regarded as "one of the most esteemed women in the world".

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