What is it that inspires you?

We take a look at the five most inspiring articles, videos and quotes on the site and get you to consider the question - what is that inspires you?

By Steve Whyley / 16 March 2017
3 min read

Having created a site called Getinspired365 we often get asked what is it that inspires us? Which piece of content moves us more than the next? Which quote or video gets us off the sofa and propels us into action.

Sit back and enjoy as we take you through five of our favourite pieces of inspiration that feature on the site.


The most popular video on the site believe it or not is a commercial from the multi national Unilever. 

It features Gill Zamora, an FBI-trained forensics artist. The premise of the commercial is that Dove asked him to draw seven different women. The first sketch by Zamora would be done based solely based on each woman's own description of themselves. The second sketch was created using a description provided by a stranger that the woman had just this second met. The results are fascinating - and the two sketches are wildly different. The first sketch is harsh and paints the woman in an unattractive light whereas the second sketch is entirely different. As the video maker says:

Watching these women come face to face with the version of themselves in their mind and the version everyone else sees is extraordinary

We think the reason this video is so popular is because not only is the video perfect but it is one of those moments where we were able to pluck the ideal quote (below) to sit alongside it.


My favourite quote on the whole site is quite a simple one but it's one that I look at every day, and it is one that is pinned to my office wall.

Muhammad Ali was known for lightening quick skills in the ring and an equally quick wit outside of the ring. Highly principled, having refused conscription into the U.S. Military citing religious beliefs, Ali was adored and often despised - sometimes in equal measure - and one of the reasons for this was because he took big risks. Everyone who has impacted society positively has taken Risks. From Martin Luther King to Professor Geoff Raisman, that I interviewed a while back, are all linked by a willingness to do more, to push the envelope. And I think the more one can take risk, the more one is able to make an impact. By it's very definition things can go awry when you take that risk but surely life is there to be lived. 

One of my favourite writers William Arthur Ward says just this:

“To laugh is to risk appearing a fool… ... But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing."


My favourite series of videos are by the People Are Awesome guys. Their videos have a bit of everything from epic trick shots, the best parkour and freerunning, extreme base jumping, trampoline tricks and flips, and extreme sports from wakesurfing to skateboarding to BMX. Their videos are quick paced and always set against brilliant music and are expertly edited together. Our favourite five People Are Awesome videos are here. But if you can't wait then check out their compilation video below!


The best page on Getinspired365 I think has to be our staff picks page. Here we feature 20 of our current favourite videos that are on the site. They feature videos on just about every conceivable subject and we are certain that if you didn't feel inspired before visiting this page, you will after! You can watch all the videos from this page.


Our favourite interview? This is a particularly tough question! But if you really pushed me then I think I would have to say the interview that I did with Sergeant Kevin Briggs. I sat down with Kevin (also known as the Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge). Kevin is a California Highway Patrol officer who has stopped upwards of two hundred people from jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Bay. In the interview we found out how Kevin got into this work, the impact it has had on him and he went on to tell us the most memorable moments in the job. 

We've found, since creating Getinspired365, that everyone has different reasons to achieve a goal of some sort - some want it for the personal pride that they will feel, others want to prove a point to someone (or themselves). Whatever your reason we hope our site, and the videos, articles and quotes contained within it, will help give you that little kick that you may need and inspire you to take some action.

We hope we help you Get Inspired.