So I met a girl on Instagram

This is the brilliant love story of a 22 year old missionary serving in the slums in Kenya who happened across a picture of a 20 year old youth pastor on Instagram.

By Habitual Critic / 27 March 2017
2 min read

She was a 20 year old youth pastor and was really cute. I found her on a hashtag and followed her instantly. I then went through all of her pictures and liked them all! It was a bold strategy to get her attention and it worked.

I was a 22 year old missionary serving in the slums in Kenya. When she saw that we both shared a passion she followed back, found my Facebook, and sent me a message. It started off as just small talk and we talked about ways to impact our community. She had a relationship that was breaking down and days after speaking to me the relationship ended. For months and months we talked. Every single day. I felt like I knew everything about her except how it felt just to hold her. We Skyped every day for 4 months before she took a huge leap of faith.

She came to meet me in Kenya.

It was only right that her leap of faith was rewarded! So 200 roses and 100 candles later I asked for her hand in marriage. I proposed the first day that we'd ever spent together in person. Oh, and she said YES!

We spent the next couple of weeks teaching in Kenya where we got eloped with the permission of her mother, of course.

I came back to her hometown to settle down and meet her family.

We had a wedding feast to celebrate with all our friends and family!

We traveled all over the world chasing every adventure we could. Making memories to remember, and stories to tell.

We tried to have a child but sadly experienced loss. We named it blueberry because that was the size of it when we lost it. We were so filled with hope but the grief made us stronger.

We continued to travel: Here is New York.



The Hercules Glades.

And then we tried for a baby again.

Last month we succeeded in having a beautiful daughter.

People had told us we were mad to get married and that we'd get divorced as quickly as we got married. Some were family and some were friends. Our relationship was such a scandal that she even lost her job with the church over it. They said we weren't going to be able to make it and we would become another statistic. They said our story was a bad influence.

Marriage has been the best thing that ever happened to us. 

It has been an incredible adventure and we literally try every day to show our love for one another to one another. We never go to bed angry at each other - instead we talk. We never hide things from each other unless it is awesome presents.

Getting married young is not for everyone but don't let anyone define your perfect love story. We try and sometimes we fail but a lot of times we succeed. But trying together is what has kept us alive.

We hope you're encouraged to take chances. To fail. To succeed. To remember all of your experiences. To choose to love and fight for each other every day.