Elon Musk agrees to make school project idea come true

The Tesla CEO approved a fifth-grader's idea for a California school project, where classmates would make homemade Tesla commercials - with the winner getting their ad aired.

By Steve Whyley / 16 March 2017
1 min read

A professor from Michigan tweeted Elon Musk an idea that his daughter had dreamt up at school.

Unlike most automakers Tesla do not advertise on television but that doesn't stop legions of people from creating their own commercials.

Bria, a fifth grader from California, went a step further and asked her Dad to help her write a letter to the Tesla CEO where she pitched an idea to allow school children to make homemade Tesla commercials with the winner seeing their ad aired.

Musk was suitably impressed with the idea and so becoming a fifth grader has just become a lot more exciting!

Perhaps the best 'home made' Tesla ad is this one created by the Freise Brothers.

But they had better watch out as there's about to be a whole load more competition on the scene.

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