This is the audition of Kathleen Jenkins for Britain's Got Talent. As brilliant as Kathleen is, and she is simply stunning, the thing we got from this video is not only how much her father loves her but also the sheer pride that that is his daughter on stage. And more than that, just how much he believes in her. Here at Getinspired365, we think that people are all capable of greatness but sometimes they just need that little bit of belief - just like Kathleen's father has given to her.



Jim Valvano, or Jimmy V as he was affectionately known, was born March 10, 1946. He tragically lost his life aged just 47 after a short, but heroic, battle with cancer. Jimmy V used to play point guard but made his name as a coach. He was North Carolina's State University Coach and it was whilst he was in this job that Jimmy became well known. His team won the 1983 NCAA Basketball Tournament against tiny odds. In the crunch game against the Houstan Cougers Jimmy was suddenly put on the map after his now legendary reaction to winning the game. When his team won Jimmy was so overwhelmed that he started running up and down the court desperately looking for someone to hug.


After Jimmy V was diagnosed with terminal cancer he created the V Foundation for Cancer Research. To date, the foundation has funded more than $130 million in cancer research grants all over America. To this day the foundation's mantra is the same - "Don't give up...Don't ever give up."